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Founder of this company ::
Late Anant Lalaji Kurkute was born on 23rd August 1923 in a small village Bambavade in Sangli District.
The family soon shifted to PALUS which he always took as his native place. He came from a very poor family.

His thinking always remained different from the rest of the family and at the age of 15 he was the sole bread-winner of the family comprising about 6-7 persons. Obviously his academic background remained limited only to primary school level`. He was hardly 18 years old when he joined Kirloskar Company at Kirloskarwadi.
It was then a very small foundry which later metamorphed in to now what we see as Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.
Founder of this company
During his adolescence years he did all kinds of work from coolie to foundry worker in areas right from his native place to even Mumbai. His innovative nature and imagination could not keep him satisfied with the jobs he was doing and he returned his native place to work on hand-looms. Later he moved to Ichalkaranji where he settled permanantly. Starting his career here as an ordinary hand-loom worker he took place as a pioneer powerloom manufacturer enjoying a preferred brand equity. He brought majority of his relatives to Ichalkaranji and gave them a helping hand in getting settled with their own businesses.

He also worked as a freedom fighter during the 40s, he was in the messanger group in NANA PATIL's Patri Sarkar. They used to convey messages verbally by literally running to places.

Working hands down at any level in his organisation during emergency situations was his speciality. He gave tremendous importance to punctuality and commitment.

He had no trouble getting leveled with people, let it be an ordinary man or a high profile person, he used to match his wavelength instantly.

He died of cardiac arrest on 21st February 1999. He lived the life of a satisfied man. He was against any surgery for his ailment, till last few hours of his life. The company he founded is growing in the light of his principles, which he followed even under adverse situations and bitter moments of his life.

His simplicity, his thoughts, his dedication, his whole-heartedness and his patience are followed in everyday working. We believe that nothing else can be a better tribute. May his soul rest in peace.


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