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Nourisher of this company ::

10 th November 2003, a terrible day in the history of our organisation and family. We lost our Founder Managing Director and my beloved elder brother, Prabhakar, in a tragic road accident. Having nurtured this company like a child, for 10 crucial years, he was playing a model role for this company a long before the time of incorporation.

He was a true follower of the founder of this Company. He was a highly popular personality and enjoyed enormous support for whatever he did in his life.

Nourisher of this company

If anybody could have said I had to write Obituary for Prabhakar in 2003 – 2004, I might have killed that person. Such was the affection between us. People took us as close friends until we told them we are brothers. People loved him like anything, the peculiar characteristic of his behavior was that he treated enemies with the same affection as the best friends, though he never had many, the number always kept reducing because he was successful in converting them in to friends, what else can be a better benchmark of the personality he possessed. They have mistaken so “repair them” was his motto.

    In his able leadership the company prospered like anything, from a small machine shop with two lathes and a milling machine to today's organization - a foundry, supplying “shipped to use” components to the most respected names in India as well as abroad. His work was recognized by World Quality Organization, but alas he was not in this world to receive the prestigious International Quality Award from BID, Spain, in April 2004.

    Many tough occasions came and passed by. Prabhakar always remained calm and steady, and lead the organization as well as our family to new heights. Under his leadership the family as well as the company emerged brighter and brighter after the tough times.

    Gigantic foresight, quick and firm decisions, untiring hard work went hand in hand with his jolly and generous nature, though he was a real administrator. It is difficult to describe everything.

    He was just two years older than me, we studied in the same class till 10 th , went as a pair everywhere we went, married two sisters to gain stability to our family. People called us Ram-Shyam, Ram-Laxman even a pair of lads with their convenience.

    I followed him like a shadow throughout his life. We always thought we were inseparable; a momentary loss of concentration of the Almighty, and the Devil took him away from us. The terrible incidence of 10 th Nov. 2003 parted us forever.

    It is almost 1 year (10 days to go) since the incidence. I sat several times to write the obituary for my beloved brother, but each time I couldn't write more than a few paragraphs, the mind being occupied by him completely. I made my mind today to complete it, I want it on our website before 10 th November 2004, to mark a terrible year in my life.

    People say I must be remembering him every now and them, but I never. To remember a person one has to forget him first, at least momentarily, I never feel he is out of my mind, he is always there, everywhere I go, I never felt alone, he is there with me in the form of my strength.

    In Hindu mythology, Ramachandra is considered as the symbol of sacrifice. I must say my brother was even better because Ramchandra went to Vanavasa along with Laxmana, but my Ramachandra went alone. God Ramchandra, please forgive me for the love of my brother.

    On behalf of the rest of the family, I pray god not to give such a terrible, Untimely and cruel death to anybody.

Dada, I know you are with us; forever . . . you cannot go away.
30 th October 2004.


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